A Cross-Cultural Anthology
Uganda & U.S.A.

This Bridge Called Woman

“The book is a mirror of the possibilities and promises between national and international women’s movements for promotion of gender equality as a key to social justice and sustainable development. Inspirational and phenomenal!” 

Dr. Euzobia Mugisha Baine, Director, Gender Mainstreaming Directorate, Makerere University, Kampala

Book price of $35 includes shipping, handling and tax. Written by women in the U.S. and Uganda, this collection includes 20 chapters about leaders in the U.S. and Uganda along with 20 full-color pages of original art. 

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Ali Tucker Lichtenstein and Ameila Moctezuma

“I have been involved with Wisdom for two years. I am able through art to explore the unknown in me and use color to express that world on paper..I am always surprising myself with what “comes out” of me. I am in awe of my fellow artists’ work. I hope I can share the joy I feel when creating with others as they view my work. I thank my fellow artists for their inspiration, and the instructors and staff at Wisdom for their support and consideration. Thank You!”

“I am a mother of two children whom I love more than words can say…I feel very strong about my Indian background…the Apache that I am. I also carry a lot of pride for my Mexican heritage…When I first came I had low self-esteem…I truly feel like Wisdom is one big family…we come from different cultures of the world…I no long have to be alone. It has given me strength to go forward.”

“I have been going to Women’s Wisdom Art for about 4 years. Wisdom, quite literally saved my life. I have depression and have Bi-polar disease. I had been isolating. Women’s Wisdom Art brought me out of the house and actually gave me something to look forward to. I loved the art when I was a child, but had gotten away from it for a long time. Wisdom changed all that. I tried new mediums I’ve discovered a love of and a talent for ceramics. I have discovered my medium. I have had sculptures in gallery shows and won awards. As I see it has changed my life.”

“It has been literally a lifesaver for me. Suffering from chronic depression, I found a “home” here with caring peers and aspiring artists….art projects waiting for me to explore … I can’t express my deep gratitude and appreciation enough for this program.”

“What does Women’s Wisdom Art offer women? It is an affordable place to go that stops isolation. It offers structure; a reason to get up in the morning; a place where you can be productive without pressure. Each woman produces at her own ability level. Women can relearn social skills and assertiveness. Wisdom is a stepping stone for women to rejoin society and return to work.”

“Women’s Wisdom is a safe and protective, nurturing and creative environment where women can express completely what the essence of being a woman is.”

“Women’s Wisdom Art program has been very important in being a major tool in expressing and discovering myself with my counselor due to my disability. It has been my voice, a form of communication to myself, and others. Wisdom has given me many tools to express my emotions, to defuses my agoraphobia, and depression, even manage to a degree my physical chronic pain. Women’s Wisdom Art program made it possible for me to try to talk again, and be around people, to make friends and go outside my home. It helps my brain learn to talk again even with my disabilities.” 

“Wisdom helped with my depression. I found talents I never knew I had. It is a place where we can go and meet people with similar problems. We make friends and find support. It is more than an Art Class. It is family. And best of all I get to do art. ”

Women’s Wisdom ARTS Anthology

“Lift It Tenderly”

This book celebrates a chorus of voices, transparent with simplicity, honesty, and courage. Many of these poems are the very first the writers had attempted. Others have written poetry all their lives and received public recognition and prizes for their work.

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Cover art by Nayyirah Robinson,
“Reflections” Mixed Media