• Art Quilts for The Crocker Museum Exhibit

    The artists of Women’s Wisdom ARTS completed Art Quilts for the Crocker Museum exhibit. Many hours were spent creating each panel with Susan Shie’s methods to inspire them ( http://artofthequilt.com/shie.html ).  Board member, Ali Lichtenstein so expertly arranged and sewed the panels together for the exhibit. Please click on the first image for…

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  • Fabric Bird Making Class

    One of our favorite classes recently was making fabric birds for our Crocker Exhibit. Please click below on the first slide for larger images: Pattern and materials to create fabric birds for our Crocker Museum Exhibit. Stuffing materials for the birds. Large birds. Using colorful fabrics and feathers. Blue bird waiting for…

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  • Spirit Animal Dream Catcher

    Dream catchers were handmade by the Native American Indian.  It is based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose netting or web in horsehair mesh or a similar construction with string or yarn and then embellished with feathers, beads and small artifacts. A Dream Catcher is believed to give its owner…

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  • Local Artist Lynn Eder – Paper Making

    Wisdom was fortunate to have local artist Lynn Eder teaching two guest classes at our studio in August. Lynn layers wet paper pulp onto a backing sheet of cotton paper to create surface textures and subtle color interactions. We had a wonderful time during our first class and created a diverse…

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      A wonderful display of unity in an art exhibit from 2008!     For more information about Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation please click here.  

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