Visual Journaling with Steff

Visual Journaling with Steff Echeverria


Welcome Women of Wisdom,

In my research for Art Journaling, I totally found the kind of Art Journaling that I’ve been looking for, online @, as well as inspiration from a wonderful magazine Sue Daly, kindly lent me, called Journaling. I became addicted to my art journal over the break.

Art journaling has its roots in Art & psychiatry. Carl Jung, a raw-Art psychologist, kept an Art journal for the entirety of his adult life. Frida Kalo, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo DaVinci kept one as well.

This is going to be a true mixed media experience. We will get into metallic watercolor, color pencils,oil pastels, Cran d’Ache-water soluble wax pastel, magnetic poetry, index cards, Mod Podge, and my new favorite thing, Washi tape. We’ll use index cards as small format art, for our Art journals and start each session by using the index cards for our quick creativity – free form doodle,draw,write a poem…then this will be put into your journal. We’ll write some poetry, look for found poetry, use magazines to look for colors, textures, and subjects for our journals.

I have some great prompts lined up but always know, they are optional. I don’t want to fence in your creative spirits. Our Art journal, first and foremost, is a place for PLAY not perfection, we must remember this. So let’s dig in and play!!! Art Energy,

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