Explosion of Color and Creativity

An Explosion of Creativity and Color!

Steff Echeverria facilitates Women’s Wisdoms Visual Journaling class.

On Friday mornings from 10 until 12 noon, Steff Echeverria is busy teaching visual journaling. If you haven’t attended this class, or if you’ve been away for awhile, you are in for an explosion of creativity and color! Every week there is a new prompt, either visual or worded, the rest is up to the artist to interpret the inspiration in any way or most any medium they choose! Steff guides us through a prompt using her open, sensitive, free-spirited style of teaching that enables us to find our own muse through the process and set our feminine creativity free!

And choices we have! We were recently gifted with an awesome donation of stickers, papers, metal objects, acid paper, glittery tulle, and even more truly unique ephemera. It’s all very handily located in a storage unit we call “The Rainbow Tower of Awesomeness”! Doesn’t that title alone pique your interest to give this class a try?

Here are a few photos from our last class on June 30. We are off on break from July 1 until August 7, when we return with Visual Journaling and other classes, including some brand new classes to coax your creativity out to play!


Prompt for today was a felted piece by artist Lisa Klakulak. It is entitled “Transplant”, see photo below.



Here are some of our own Wisdom artists and their inspired interpretations.



By Diane Funston-writer/artist/volunteer


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