Thank you to all who joined us in celebration of International Women’s Day! We enjoyed rich conversations and met new neighbors and friends as we gave away free felt goddess doll art kits and PPE. We cherish our supportive community and love our new neighborhood.

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Creating Lifetime Friendships

Women’s Wisdom ART improves women’s lives by providing a safe, welcoming environment; teaching art, writing, and wellness classes; and creating bridges to other community resources. WWA adds an immense cultural richness to the Sacramento community. We need your support to help us continue to change lives and fund our mostly volunteer-run program. Please join us as part of the Women’s Wisdom Art community of supporters.



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Our Vision

We believe the arts are the most ancient, most enduring language through which human beings express meaning and value. Engaging in the arts is a fundamental, essential human activity. Engaging in “doing art” is the primary survival skill of the human spirit. ~ Laura Ann Walton, Founder

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide art, writing, and wellness classes for women in a safe, welcoming community.

“Giving Tuesday” 

Each year, we look forward to Giving Tuesday when our generous supporters reach out to help us fund the amazing work Women’s Wisdom ART does in our community. You keep us going as together we improve lives and advocate for equity and justice. Your contribution makes a difference! Your support helps us improve lives right here in Sacramento.
The radical generosity that increases each year, means we’re in a new space serving new and past participants as we build new programs and prepare for a great coming year. We’re grateful for you! Not only do we serve creative and diverse women who come together to create art, we enrich their lives with meaningful relationships that they might not get elsewhere. We are here to uplift and encourage the creativeness that lives in all of us.
You’ve helped us secure a new home for Women’s Wisdom ART, you’ve helped us be seen through collaborations with other businesses, and we have taken it globally, as well. It’s been two years since we first met with writers and editors from Kampala, Uganda. We’ve been working with 60 women, 30 each from Uganda and the U.S., on an anthology to be published this spring. We thank Global Ties Sacramento for bringing us together as we continue to enjoy deepening friendships and rich collaboration. Stay tuned for the anthology!
We surpassed our goal of $2,500 for Giving Tuesday! Your contribution changes lives and means so much to our small, mostly volunteer-run organization.
What a year! Thank you to our amazingly generous supporters, committed volunteers, passionate Board, staff and teachers, and, at the heart of all we do, our wonderful participant artists, writers, and yogis. We’re grateful for each and every one of you.



Volunteers help in different ways with special events throughout the year. 
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If you would like to volunteer, please email us  and we’ll contact you. We invite you to support us with your presence at our shows and events.

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Our Wish List

We Welcome And Appreciate Donations.
Check our calendar for donation times/days or email us at to arrange a time. Thank you!

~Yarn—wool, acrylic blends, all weights

~New Sharpie fine point color markers

~Blank heavy paper spiral journals for art journaling

~Writing journals for poetry and writing classes

~Watercolor paper

Lilla Watson, Australia

Lilla Watson, Queensland, Australia

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Quote attributed to Aboriginal Activists working with Lilla Watson in Queensland, Australia in the 1970s